Seriously.  If you are not watching this show, you should buy the DVDs when the series ends (in just a few months – sad!).  It is so beyond brilliant.

And the episode last night was one of the best ever.  In my opinion.

Your thoughts?


This is Meerkat Manor

Before, Max as “Animal”

And after, Max as Meerkat

Max and Indy got their hairs cut on Saturday.  Max has gone from being nicknamed “The Muppet” to “The Meerkat”.

Check back later for photographic proof.

Random Thursday thought

Does anyone ever wish that work weeks were only Monday-Thursday?  I seriously get this thought every single Thursday.  Going to work every Friday is just brutal.

I remember thinking this in college too, and I would purposely not schedule any classes on Fridays. 

Why can’t the world just make this happen?

In other news, thanks to the power of the internet blog, my very own mother bought me a box of Girl Scout tagalong cookies last week.  And I already ate the whole box.  By myself. 

I seriously did, because Matt gave up chocolate for lent.  Sucker!

Before I launch into my peanut butter cookie debacle, let me just say that Old Man Winter slapped me in the face last night.  Remember my last post?  It seemed like me and winter were on the verge of getting along, right?  I was about to embrace winter and do all kinds of fun, feel-good, winter activities.

Well, last night, I left work at my usual time, 4:30pm.  And I walked outside into a blizzard.  Seriously Milwaukee? 

Apparently around 3:30pm or so, the old man decided it was time to drop a few inches of snow in Milwaukee, and to do it as fast as possible (about 4 inches/hour).  Anyway, the bottom line is that I left work at 4:30pm, and I got home at 7:00pm.  So, winter and I are back to square one.

Luckily, I spent those glorious 2 1/2 hours sitting on the bus trying to finish my book, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  I didn’t quite finish it, but I did finish part of the mystery so at least that was satisfying.  By the way, if you are interested in reading a great mystery, this book is beyond great.

Okay, moving along to more important things, like PEANUT BUTTER!

If you can believe it, I actually have not ordered any Girl Scout cookies this year.  This is quite shocking considering my all-time favorite cookie is the Tagalong.

mmmmm… tagalong…

I was feeling rather depressed about this when my brother in law Chad, aka my new favorite person, introduced me to a little thing called Keebler Fudge Shoppe Filled Peanut Butter Cookies. 

And now all is right with the world.

Old Man Winter

Question for all my cold weather dweller readers (okay, yeah, that’s all 5 of you). Do you hibernate through winter or do you embrace it?
I tend to hibernate. In fact, I tend to just despise winter. But lately I’ve begun to realize that I’m wasting a lot of time hating winter when maybe I should be trying to enjoy it. I live in Wisconsin so winter is not going away.  And I’m not rich so I can’t just migrate to Arizona.
Last weekend I almost decided it would be fun to go on a candlelight hike at Lapham Peak. Almost being the key word here. My main excuse for not going was that I was just outside in the cold all of last Saturday, and who wants to do that two weekends in a row? 

Is it sad that one of the main reasons I want to embrace winter is so I can wear these mittens more often?

Anyway, what do you guys think? Do you like winter? Any thoughts on whether I should embrace it, and how? I mean, winter sports are not exactly cheap, right? Does shoveling count as a winter activity?

Oh wait. I don’t even do that.

Breaking and Entering

So, this weekend we attended the Camp Randall Hockey Classic with a group of our friends. We started tailgating around 1pm, and the game started at 5pm.

Somewhere in between that time period, my old roommate Emily and I decided to see if anyone was home at our old apartment on St. James Court (actually, we really needed to use the bathroom, and our apartment was just down the street from the park where we were tailgating). Totally logical, right?

We knocked on the door. No one answered. We opened the door and yelled up the stairs. Still no answer. We went upstairs, took some pictures, giggled a lot, and used the bathroom.

On our way out, we were caught red-handed by some dude in the kitchen. He did not appear to care at all that we just broke into his house. We chatted for awhile, and about 7 or 8 more guys started filing in. The place was a trash-hole, and I recall Emily scolding them and telling them to “clean this place up”. Ha.

Also, the guys asked us how long ago we lived there, and Emily said 5 years. I didn’t have the heart to tell her it’s actually been 7 years. Ouch.

Anyway, as evidence of our adventure, check out the before and after pictures. “Before” being when we lived there in 2002-2003. “After” being this past Saturday.

Ultimately, the Badgers won with a last minute goal, and it was a great day for Badger hockey.