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Happy Holidays!

From our family to yours.

And no, Max is not that gigantic.  He’s only 12 pounds!  He is just not very photogenic.

Don’t you judge him.

I am happy today, because of this.

Credit: AP


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Matt is officially gone to Oregon for grad school.  Until July 6th.  I know it’s not really that long, but it’s still hard.  Luckily, I have a list of about 829740 things to do around the house while he’s gone, so I will be keeping busy. 

Also, I have these freaks to look after.











Have a great weekend everyone!

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Three Years!

Matt and I have been married 3 years. If on the off chance my husband actually reads my blog, well, I should probably say something nice. I love you husband!

Let’s flashback to our wedding day, shall we? I am kind of in love with all of our wedding photos, so I will try to restrain myself from posting too many. Just a few samples.

Love this one of Matt and Stephen working the tux buttons.

kim&matt 294b

Me and the dad.


The non-black and white pictures (and the video) of this shot are kind of hilarious. They tried to get me to jump on Matt’s back which sounded all cute and cheeky in theory, but it was actually really difficult.

kim&matt2 244c

I just like this one because we look so happy.

kim&matt 040

This is my little love muffin nephew, Hunter. Looks like he’s having some trouble with his sleeves.
kim&matt 515

This picture really captures the moment. Matt’s mom and brothers surprised us by hiring Bucky Badger to come to our wedding. They started handing out the pom pons and we really had no idea until this moment that Bucky was coming to our wedding – it was such a great surprise.
kim&matt 199
kim&matt2 441b

Don’t my flowers look yummy?  Don’t you just want to eat them?
kim&matt 566
kim&matt2 170
kim&matt2 294b

Interesting fact about my flowers. Most of the flowers in the bouquets and all of the flowers at the reception (peonies) were picked straight out of the backyard (backyards of Pattycakes, Mary-mom and my florist who is also my cousin).

Another interesting wedding detail. We used pictures from our childhood for our table numbers (matching our ages to the table numbers). I have seen this idea at many other weddings, but I just laugh every single time I look at these pictures so I have to share.
Matt had some awesome glasses when he was a kid. I was actually convinced after looking at these pictures that Matt’s family was playing a cruel joke on me by giving me fake pictures. I mean, really, who is this guy?

Table 7
I can’t really talk though. Just look at that hair. And that saucy attitude.
Table 8

Matt and I aren’t really into gifts. But every year we sit down and watch our wedding DVD from start to finish. I suppose you could say that reminiscing about our wedding day and reflecting on the past year is our gift to each other. Or you could also say we are cheap. But there’s love in the air people, so we just ignore that.

Unfortunately I can’t show you our video. Matt tried diligently to upload it last night, and he did finally figure it out. But we can’t post it to YouTube because the music in the background is copywrited. If we do ever figure it out, I will post it. Because I’m sure you all really care. Obviously.

Well, three years have certainly passed quickly, and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

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So Matt and I scored some free tickets to the Brewer game on Friday night through our awesome friend Chad. We were in the 18th row behind home plate. I am hesitant to share this with you because I’m now expecting about 82 emails asking for tickets.

This is the first time I’ve ever gotten tickets through Chad where we didn’t have to pay – he is just all kinds of awesome. But I don’t want to abuse the friendship or anything so that’s probably the last time we’ll ever go without paying.

We still had to pay for some things. Things like $10 to park on the street. We got to the parking attendant at approximately 6:55 for a 7:05 start time, and we had to pay $10 to park on the damn curb. Look, I even took a picture to prove it.


Anyway, we made it just in time for the first pitch.

Two rows in front of us, this guy walks in wearing a Cubs hat and a Derek Lee jersey. This was a Brewers vs. Reds game people. No Cubs allowed, right? So the people sitting next to us proceeded to harass this guy the entire game (and he deserved it). Mostly it was a lot of “Cubs suck” and “Derek Lee sucks”, but suddenly, at one of those quiet moments, one of the guys yelled “Derek Lee Eats Pandas”! It was hilarious. Even Buzz Williams was laughing.


Don’t know Buzz Williams? He’s Marquette’s basketball coach. Don’t worry, I got all stalkerish and snapped a picture of him for you. He’s the bald guy.

Anyway, Brewers won 3-2. And we got to see Trevor Time in all its glory. Which makes me happy.


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We’re off to Madison today to see some of this

And Indy will get to do this

indy & nala

Have a fun weekend everyone!

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Back to Reality

Florida was awesome. We did nothing but lay on the beach all day. One thing that was significantly un-awesome was the fact that our flight was delayed 5 hours. So after spending 7 hours in the Milwaukee airport, and another hour waiting at the car rental place in Florida, we arrived at the condo around 4:00 am on Saturday morning. I have just finished drafting a friendly letter to the people at National Car Rental. Seriously. I am one of those people. The good news is that we did finally get our stupid rental car that we reserved months in advance, and it was totally bad-ass. We took several pictures with it.  


kim car

We also watched lots of sunsets, and collected lots of shells.  We gathered around 10 perfectly fragile sand dollars, and then using my poor decision-making skills, I just placed them in the seashell bag with the rest of the big, heavy shells and packed them away.  Luckily for me, 1 out of 10 sand dollars survived the trip. 


It was a little chilly one of the days (and by “chilly” I mean 70 and windy), so we hopped over to Ft. Myers Beach and went through all the little souvenir shops. I developed an obsession with pelicans and tried to find the perfect little pelican statue, but nothing jumped out at me. Instead we ended up with a strange  little crab magnet whose arms and legs flail.

Honestly, I spent most of my time taking pictures of stupid stuff.  Because there are only so many sunset pictures one can stand, right?




In other news, thanks to everyone for their support for my cousin Brianne. I visited her in the hospital last Friday before we left, and I’m going to see her again tomorrow. She had a successful liver transplant on Tuesday and appears to be on her way to a healthy, happy recovery. Our thoughts have also been with the family of the liver donor. The whole thing is just a true miracle and we couldn’t be more thankful.

And finally, Go Brewers!

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We’re Back!

It only took us 12 tries to get this picture. But that’s the kind of thing you do on vacation, right?

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