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I just wanted to share an interesting link from the American Library Association. They track books that have recently been challenged or banned. This map has links from all over the country.  Most of the links I clicked on indicate that the books were not banned, even with plenty of pressure from various “advocacy” groups and overprotective parents, so there is still hope.


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So, last night I sat down to read our local paper. They had a wonderful, full-page article all about the local rescue organization here in town. The owner also works with the local pet shop, the dog training place, and the doggie daycare, so we are very familiar with all of her wonderful work.

The article was very informative about the rescue, and it included some information about where these rescue dogs come from – most from people who give up their dogs for various reasons.

So, the author of that article also wrote a personal column in this paper. In it, she explained how she and her husband were looking for a new apartment and were “not able to find a nice one that accepts dogs”, so they are currently trying to find a new home for their 5-year old lab that “they love very much”.

Talk about a slap in the face! I mean, seriously? You just interviewed this rescue organization that takes in the dogs that idiots like you give up!

Don’t you worry. The crazy dog lady came to the rescue. I sent a very nice, informative email to this “journalist”, explaining how disgusted and appalled I was that she could even consider dumping her dog after writing that article. And for such a pathetic reason. Maybe she failed to see the connection between all the dogs the local rescue is currently trying to save (not to mention the millions of dogs that are sitting in shelters and rescues across this country) and the dog she is about to dump. I was just trying to help her see that connection.

And you know what? I don’t care if that makes me crazy. It was worth it.

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