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yeah, that's meA few years ago, my mom, Pattycakes, bought me a sewing machine for Christmas.  And not just any sewing machine.  A fancy sewing machine.  It has more stitch settings than I can even begin to describe.  The last time I ever sewed anything was when I made that stupid windsock in the 7th grade (oh, and I know most of you know exactly what I’m talking about). 

But I was excited.  I was going to become a seamstress, just like Pattycakes.  I would follow in her glorious seamstress footsteps.  I would start sewing tons of cute little outfits to wear.  And when I had a little baby girl, I would sew her cute little outfits, and I would sew matching outfits for her dolls (ahem, see picture to the left).  And when my daughter grew up, I would sew her a homecoming dress and alter her wedding dress (thanks mom!)

Alas, my grand plans failed.  I have used my kick-ass sewing machine a total of 5 or 6 times.  I have sewed a few pillow cases.  Every time I pull out the machine, I also have to pull out the owner’s manual and read through the “how to thread the needle” section.  It’s so sad.

But, I have a new ambition.  I started reading this awesome blog about fashion, and the blogger, Jessica Schroeder, is hosting an online sewing class. 

Our first project is this dirndl skirt.  Last weekend Pattycakes and I went to Joann’s, and she helped me purchase my short list of items.  And thank God for that, because what the hell are trouser hooks?

Anyway, we’ve only covered Lesson 1 so far.  I have measured myself, and that is it.  From the looks of these diagrams, I think maybe I should be cutting my fabric already?  Don’t you worry, just one phone call to Pattycakes and she’ll tell me what to do.  God forbid I figure it out on my own. 

This may be the last time I see this pretty fabric, so I’m taking a “before” picture.  Before I most likely destroy it in fits of anger in front of the dreaded sewing machine.



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