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Did anyone see Steve Martin on American Idol last night?  I wasn’t thrilled with the two Idols take on the song, but I loved the song. Running off to iTunes to find it…

Edited to Add: I love Carrie Underwood. She’s so cute. She should be my friend. Just had to throw that out there.


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Dave Barnes

I have always been a sucker for love songs.  And this one is at the top of my list right now.  It’s called “Nothing Fancy” by Dave Barnes.

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Ben Folds

albumI love Ben Folds. Love him. He’s kind of weird, but I don’t care. His songs kick ass. And now he’s got a new album. He decided to recruit University A Capella groups from around the country to sing his songs. He viewed all the YouTube video submissions, then went to each campus and recorded their versions of the songs for the album. Can’t wait to get home and download these songs on iTunes tonight! Anyone else joining me with some Ben Folds love?

1. NOT THE SAME – The Spartones from Greensboro, NC.
2. JESUSLAND – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Loreleis
3. BRICK -The Ohio University Leading Tones
4. YOU DON’T KNOW ME – The University of Georgia’s With Someone Else’s Money
5. STILL FIGHTING IT – Washington University in St. Louis’s Mosaic Whispers
6. BOXING – Ben Folds
7. SELFLESS, COLD, AND COMPOSED – The Sacramento State Jazz Singers
8. MAGIC – The University of Chicago’s Voices In Your Head
9. LANDED – The University of Colorado Buffoons
10. TIME – The Princeton Nassoons
11. EFFINGTON – Ben Folds
12. EVAPORATED – The Newtones from Newton, MA
13. FRED JONES PART 2 – The West Chester University of Pennsylvania Gracenotes
14. ARMY – The University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers
15. FAIR – University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire’s Fifth Element
16. THE LUCKIEST – The Washington University in St. Louis Amateurs

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On the heels of  Tuesday night’s American Idol theme and the fact that Matt and I saw Adventureland last weekend, I’ve got movie soundtracks on my mind.  What are some of your favorites?  Matt loves all the instrumental stuff and owns more soundtrack CD’s than I can count.  I love movie music as much as the next guy but it’s not often that anything really stands out to me.

adventureland-soundtrackHaving said that, I loved the soundtrack for Adventureland.  The movie is set in 1987 so it’s all these great throwback songs that I didn’t necessarily know about until now.  Particularly, “Satellite of Love” by Lou Reed and “I’m in Love With a Girl” by Big Star.  They really did a great job incorporating some of the songs into the storyline.  Anyway, great movie that I’d recommend you guys check out when it gets to DVD.  I wish I could give you a better posting with the songs here but WordPress is giving me trouble.  Anyway, here are some YouTube versions if you are interested in listening.

Okay, now don’t laugh.  The only YouTube video I could find of this song is a fan video made for Twilight.  Haha

I loved the song Kris from AI sang on Tuesday so I quickly downloaded the soundtrack version last night.  It’s called “Falling Slowly”, from the movie Once.  Oh, and it happened to win the Oscar last year for best original song.

What do you guys think?  Have any favorites I should check out?

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