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A Holiday Wrapping Tip

Don’t know what to do with all those Christmas Cards every year? Reuse them as present tags!

For example, here is a lovely card I received.

And here is how I destroyed it and turned it into a present tag.

I think the card sender would understand, right?


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Christmas Movies

Do you want to guess how many Christmas movies I’ve already watched this year?

Well, it’s December 18th, 7 days until Christmas. And I’ve already watched 10 Christmas movies. And I still have at least 2 left on my viewing list. Movies I’ve watched (and loved) so far include:

“If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that love actually is all around.”

“Faith is believing when common sense tells you not to. Don’t you see? It’s not just Kris that’s on trial, it’s everything he stands for. It’s kindness and joy and love and all the other intangibles.”

“God bless us, everyone!”

“We’ll follow the old man wherever he wants to go!”

“Where do you think you’re going? Nobody’s leaving. Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas. No, no. We’re all in this together. This is a full-blown, four-alarm holiday emergency here. We’re gonna press on, and we’re gonna have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny fucking Kaye. And when Santa squeezes his fat white ass down that chimney tonight, he’s gonna find the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse.”

“For years Aunt Clara had labored under the delusion that not only was I perpetually 2 years old, but also, a girl.”

“You see George, you’ve really had a wonderful life. Don’t you see what a mistake it would be to just throw it away?”


“Peter always asked me when I fell in love with Jack. I told him it was while you were sleeping.”

“It just needed a little love”

Do you have any favorites that I left off the list?

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In the Christmas Mood

I put up all of our Christmas decorations inside a couple of weeks ago, while Matt decorated the outside.

This picture was taken before the snow came along, so it is pretty outdated.  We currently have about a foot of snow sitting in our front yard.  Also, I know this picture is dark, but eh.  I’m not exactly a photography expert.

We already had most of the lights, the garland, and the wreath in our possession. So the total cost for outdoor decorating was about $10. It’s very simple, but we think it fits the house pretty well.

Some of our neighbors really go all out. One neighbor a few houses down has approximately 20 of those blow up lawn ornament things, and some of them actually play music. It’s outrageous. If I didn’t think she would pull out a gun and shoot at me, I would probably go take a picture. This is the same lady that yelled at us for allowing our dog to pee on her grass while on a walk.

Another neighbor has probably the strangest decoration I’ve ever seen. He put a mannequin on a ladder, and it looks like he is hanging a strand of lights above the garage. I mean, what is the point of that? It just looks creepy.

For the inside decorating, we are mostly using hand-me-downs. The only decoration I have purchased since Matt and I have been together is some ornaments, which I put in bowls and vases around the house for decoration. Our tree is very traditional. We started out with a real tree, but have since switched to fake. I burn pine-scented candles, okay? Get over it.

Our parents gave us our old “name” ornaments, and you can bet they all hang on our tree now.

My first ornament:

And Matt’s:

Funny side-note: I spent all this time taking pictures of my ornament and another ornament that said “1980”, thinking that was Matt’s first ornament. I showed him the picture and he says, “But I was born in 1981. HA. Fail. I don’t even know why I have a 1980 ornament. We weren’t even born yet.

Anyway, for those of you who believe in fate, let me tell you this cute little story.

Matt and I discovered that we both have the exact same ornament, and they were given to us in the exact same year. Approximately 3 years before we even met!

It’s a Christmas Miracle!

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