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Wednesday Confession

So, speaking of babies.  About 2 or 3 years ago, I purchased a cute blue polka dot tank top thing from NY & Co.  For some unknown reason, I did not try it on.  I got home, put it on, and realized I looked extremely pregnant.  

And yet.  I did not return it.  I have never worn it.  It’s sitting in a storage bin underneath my bed with other random things like windpants and umbro shorts.  Everytime I open up the storage bin I think, hmm, I should probably do something about this shirt.  Occasionally I try it on to see if the whole maternity-shirt-vibe has lessened.  It has not.

So, my confession is that the real reason I never returned or donated the shirt is because my first thought was, Hmm, I’ll just keep it until I’m actually pregnant!  Well, we’re at 3 years and counting people.  And no plans for any babies anytime soon. 

Seriously.  It’s just a tank top.  It’s not that great.  Who does that?

Anyway, I leave you with a pic of my two favorite nieces (well, my only nieces) – Molly and Ella.



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Oh Baby

I am not usually this chipper on a Monday morning, but my brother Ben & his wife Rachel just had their first baby this morning!  It’s a girl, and her name is Ella Brianne.  I can’t wait to meet my little niece.  Congrats to the new mom & dad!

Matt and I went on a little camping excursion this weekend. I will post some pictures later.

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