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Etsy Find of the Day

I was browsing Etsy the other day and came across some pretty sweet vintage wares from seller High Street Market.  I stumbled across this vintage WWI poster, and you know I’ve been kind of a freak about American history lately. 

 liberty bond

I was curious about these liberty bonds so I did a little googling. During WWI, Americans were encouraged buy liberty bonds to finance the war. People often put fliers in their home and shop windows to show they had purchased the bonds.

Google also provided a link to lots more vintage posters.



According to Wikipedia, because I’m too lazy to do any actual research, the majority of sales were not to individuals but to banks that ignored the patriotic appeal and bought the bonds as an investment opportunity. The bond campaign is ultimately remembered more for its bullying than its patriotic nature.


I haven’t read too much about whether this campaign actually worked, but I can’t imagine many Americans had that much to give. The government sure knows how to pull on your patriotic heartstrings, doesn’t it?


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Can someone please buy these for me?
Or this?
Oh, I am in vase heaven.

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First Day of Spring!

True, it’s only 28 degrees here in Milwaukee, but I am in the spring mood anyway.  Here are a few Etsy finds to get you in the spirit.
Find these bowls here.


Find the vases here.

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Etsy Love


These slippers are adorable.  Perfect for summer nights when it’s 70 degrees out but my feet are somehow still freezing.



This vase is just all kinds of lovely.



This felt iPod cozy is so ridiculous that I kind of love it.

On an unrelated note, remember how I said yesterday that my ugly boots are Indy’s favorite play toy?  Yeah, this is what he’s doing while I am busy browsing the internet. 


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Happy President’s Day!

In honor of President’s Day today, check out these cute Obama-bandanas on etsy.  Kinda creepy maybe, but still cute.  Find them in assorted colors here.


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Etsy Finds of the Day

For those of you who don’t know, www.etsy.com is an awesome website where anyone can buy & sell handmade items.  I love browsing & “shopping” for cute little finds.  If you are ever looking for a unique gift for yourself or someone else, etsy is a great place to start!  Here are some of my finds today:


A fun, industrial looking necklace with a Lord of the Rings style message (yeah, I’m a nerd).  Find it here.


An adorable print that would look so cute in a kids room or maybe a bathroom.  Find it here.


And last but not least, the cutest owl card ever – just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Find it here.

Enjoy shopping!

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