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A Holiday Wrapping Tip

Don’t know what to do with all those Christmas Cards every year? Reuse them as present tags!

For example, here is a lovely card I received.

And here is how I destroyed it and turned it into a present tag.

I think the card sender would understand, right?


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DIY Ornament Wreath

My front door is officially decorated for Christmas, and it looks kind of awesome.

This project was super easy.  Here is the lowdown.

First, buy some cheap ornaments, of all sizes (make sure you get some little ones to fill in the spaces), in your preferred colors.  I bought about 80 ornaments for a total of $21.50 at the Dollar General. 

Next, get yourself a hot glue gun and glue on the tops of the ornaments.  This is time consuming, but it’s an important step because those suckers will pop right off the second you string them onto the wreath.  Luckily for me, the tops of my small ornaments were welded together so no gluing required.  The larger ornaments did require glue.

Next, grab a wire hanger.  I actually used a white wire hanger because I figured it would be easier to bend.  Untwist the the top and reshape the hanger so it forms a big circle.  String the ornaments onto the hanger.  Just start bunching them up, big and small, until they start filling in the holes.

(One thing to note – I wish I would have given this a better “decorating eye” while I was stringing the ornaments on.  Once it was complete, I noticed that some of the larger ornaments aren’t spaced very well and it kind of ruins the whole circle shape.)

This is the hard part.  Very gently bring the ends of the hanger back together, and re-twist the top.  If you strung on too many ornaments, some of them might crack together.

Now, just tie or glue on a bow, and your masterpiece is complete!  You can either hang the hanger right onto your door hook, or use another ribbon to hang it.  I used a ribbon because it needed to hang down a little lower to flatten out.

I adapted (aka stole) this idea from Eddie Ross.

So, who else is going to try this out?

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I finally made some new pillows for fall/winter, now that I have my awesome craft table. I also got some new winter-friendly curtains for the living room. First, check out the before:

And, the after (sorry it’s kind of dark):

Here are the pillows up close:

I ordered the fabric from Etsy Seller Fabric Flair. What do you guys think?

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We put our Christmas decorations up yesterday, so lots of Christmas-themed posts to come!

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Recycling a table

Some of you might remember our old kitchen table. It was a free hand-me-down from my aunt and uncle and worked great for a couple of years. It doesn’t exactly fit in our space now, so it’s been sitting in the basement for the past year.

Side note: This picture was taken the night we moved into our house. My mom brought lasagna so we took a quick dinner break. Notice how we are eating lasagna on white paper plates? Yeah, those plates actually left little hot spots on that table. Apparently we are not the smartest group alive.

Anyway, this table is now seeing new life, after I painted it a few weeks ago! I just sanded it down a bit, primed it with an oil-based primer, topped it with two coats of white paint, and a coat of polyurethane on top for good measure.

Now I have a pretty awesome craft table, and you should expect some pretty awesome crafts in the future.

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I saw these signs floating around the web world on Etsy last year. Most of them were selling for around $30.00. I stole the idea and just made my own sign, for about $10.00.


Wood sign – $3.00. I purchased mine at Goodwill – it was an old wooden sign with a rooster on it that had some goofy slogan. You can also find plain wood signs at Michael’s or other craft stores.
Black craft paint & tan craft paint – $5.00
Fabric tracing paper – $1.50

How to:
1. Paint the sign black, or any color you choose.
2. I created the letters using Microsoft Word. I just enlarged them over several pages and cut and taped the paper together.
3. Next I laid the tracing paper down over the wood, and taped my letters on top. Trace over the letters with a pencil, and the tracing will appear on the wood.
4. Paint over the tracing using your tan paint, or any color you choose.

Don’t worry if your lines look shaky. You won’t be able to tell once it’s up on the wall.

door sign

I made one of these signs as a gift last year for some friends, and it was even cheaper since I already had the paint and the tracing paper. So, what do you guys think? Have you seen these signs in people’s houses? Is this trend going out?

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This project didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped, but for the low low cost of $3.00, I figured it was worth at least showing it to you. If I had the patience, I would probably change a few things about the project (like buy a different color paint), but eh, this will do for now.

Decoupageing is simple. All you need is paint, glue and water. I just printed and cut out the numbers (our house numbers – don’t stalk me), and created my decoupage masterpiece in about five minutes. The frame was $3.00 from Marshalls.

Yeah, the more I look at this picture, the more I don’t like it. Maybe we should call this one Project FAIL. I will come up with something better. I swear.

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Okay, so it’s not quite finished. But I think it’s close enough. First up, the stairwell.
Remember how I told you that the previous owner appeared to just give up when she realized she couldn’t reach any higher? Yeah, this was the result.
stairwall before

After the hubs got over his fear of heights, he managed to get all the way up to the ceiling and repaint this entire thing white. Plain, basic white. So much better, no?
stairwell after

Moving on. Since we usually come into the house from the garage, this spot seemed ideal for a coat rack from Ikea. The wall here and in the hallway are the same color as the walls in the living room. I’m going for continuity here folks.
coat rack

Okay, on to the big reveal. First, let’s take a look back at the “before”. Collective shudder.


And now, the “after”! Woot!
Besides a few new coats of paint, we also unstacked the washer & dryer, added a few shelves, and took down that cabinet. We will eventually re-hang that cabinet in the same spot, but I am in the process of painting it white and adding some hardware to make it look better.

We wanted a countertop space on top of the washer & dryer so we could actually fold clothes there. So we bought a piece of plywood, painted it white and slapped on a coat of polyurethane for good measure. I also put some of those cabinet liners down underneath so they don’t scratch the washer & dryer. So far it’s working out great.

And my favorite part of this project is the sink skirt. Isn’t it cute? I probably could have sewed it myself, but Pattycakes can whip that up in about 1.8 seconds, so I asked her to do it. We used velcro to attach it to the sink.

laundry after

I have a few other ideas up my sleeve for some things to put on the shelves, but I’ll save those for another day.

I realize I’ve been talking about the laundry room way too much in the past few weeks. It is, after all, just a laundry room. But it was so worth it, don’t you think?

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