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Before I launch into my peanut butter cookie debacle, let me just say that Old Man Winter slapped me in the face last night.  Remember my last post?  It seemed like me and winter were on the verge of getting along, right?  I was about to embrace winter and do all kinds of fun, feel-good, winter activities.

Well, last night, I left work at my usual time, 4:30pm.  And I walked outside into a blizzard.  Seriously Milwaukee? 

Apparently around 3:30pm or so, the old man decided it was time to drop a few inches of snow in Milwaukee, and to do it as fast as possible (about 4 inches/hour).  Anyway, the bottom line is that I left work at 4:30pm, and I got home at 7:00pm.  So, winter and I are back to square one.

Luckily, I spent those glorious 2 1/2 hours sitting on the bus trying to finish my book, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  I didn’t quite finish it, but I did finish part of the mystery so at least that was satisfying.  By the way, if you are interested in reading a great mystery, this book is beyond great.

Okay, moving along to more important things, like PEANUT BUTTER!

If you can believe it, I actually have not ordered any Girl Scout cookies this year.  This is quite shocking considering my all-time favorite cookie is the Tagalong.

mmmmm… tagalong…

I was feeling rather depressed about this when my brother in law Chad, aka my new favorite person, introduced me to a little thing called Keebler Fudge Shoppe Filled Peanut Butter Cookies. 

And now all is right with the world.


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Some Driving Tips

Okay, I thought this driving rule was known to the entire American-driving-population, but I was wrong. I know this post isn’t really blog-worthy, but this is happening every single day, and it is getting mighty annoying.

Picture this scenario. A bus is driving along in the right lane, and he pulls over at the beginning of an intersection to let some people off or pick some people up. It doesn’t matter if the light is green or red, he has to pull over. This part, people seem to understand.

Now, if the bus is done with those people, and the light is still green, the bus will pull out and keep driving. Shocking, I know. He does not have to sit and wait for a red light. He just drops the people off, and goes on his merry way (assuming the light is still green).

So, here’s a little PSA for all you drivers out there. Do not attempt a right turn in front of a bus! Seriously. How do people not know this. Did we not learn this in Driver’s Ed? Can we not read the little sign on the back of every bus that says “Do Not Turn Right In Front of Bus”?

I’m not kidding people. This happens every day. And every day, I sit on the bus and look out the window and let out a little gasp every time the bus starts moving and this tiny little Corolla is trying to squeeze by with a right turn. Fools! Do they not know their lives are flashing before my eyes?!

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Monday Evening Funnies

Here are two things that made me laugh today. 

img_15321#1 – My Appearance.  So, I have to dress nice for work.  As in, a suit.  Or nice pants/skirt and a nice top.  I spend a significant amount of time in the morning picking out something suitable to wear.  Then, I put on my nice, warm winter coat.  Then I put on my boots.  Because here’s the thing.  I am short.  And my pants are generally too long.  So I wear nice high heels to compensate.  I can’t take the bus and walk the half-block to work in said heels in the middle of winter. 

So instead, I stuff my nice, clean, ironed pants into these hideous looking Ugg knock-offs.  I haven’t really found a good solution to this problem.  I try looking at the other professional women walking around downtown Milwaukee for some inspiration, but so far I have only seen really short pants or *gasp* crocs.   Apparently Milwaukee women are not known for their fashion sense.  I can now count myself among them.  

I know they look like moon boots and they are covered in road salt and ugly snow spots.  They have also become Indy’s favorite play toy.  And yet, I still wear them every day.  I am mostly just too lazy to go out looking for new boots.  So, dear readers, if you have any suggestions for some new footwear, I would love to hear it.

#2 – My Great-Aunt-in-law.  I was in the ladies room today, and I overheard someone mention “Aunt Flo”.  I have a feeling that everyone reading this blog knows what “Aunt Flo” means.  If you don’t know, just google it (the urban dictionary will give you the answer – yes, it’s actually in the urban dictionary!).  Now, Matt didn’t learn what the term “Aunt Flo” meant until he got to college.  This isn’t really a big surprise, I suppose, being that he is a man.  However, I also have a sneaking suspicion that most of the women in Matt’s family don’t know what “Aunt Flo” means either.  And that’s okay too. 

But the reason I find all of this funny is because Matt actually has an Aunt Flo in his family.  And this, my friends, is what she looks like.  From the back.

We love you Aunt Flo!


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Adventures in Bus Riding

So, I ride the bus to and from work every day.  I suppose bus riding has  a certain stigma to it, but I like it.  Now, granted, this is a Wisconsin coachline.  This is not a city bus, and this is not a Greyhound, people.  Do yourselves a favor and never ride a Greyhound.  Especially not for 24 hours straight.

Anyway, the bus is weird, I get that.  People at work look at me like I’ve gone insane when I tell them I choose to ride the bus.  Those people also make a lot more money than me.  And they don’t really understand how I feel about driving in the snow.

But I’ve gotten over the stigma, I think.  And yesterday, when I was reading my book and some tears started falling (OMG, his dad died!  And his puppy is sad!  Sob), I thought, well, I am now officially a bus rider.  A crazy, crying bus rider.  Don’t you judge me.

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