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Breaking and Entering

So, this weekend we attended the Camp Randall Hockey Classic with a group of our friends. We started tailgating around 1pm, and the game started at 5pm.

Somewhere in between that time period, my old roommate Emily and I decided to see if anyone was home at our old apartment on St. James Court (actually, we really needed to use the bathroom, and our apartment was just down the street from the park where we were tailgating). Totally logical, right?

We knocked on the door. No one answered. We opened the door and yelled up the stairs. Still no answer. We went upstairs, took some pictures, giggled a lot, and used the bathroom.

On our way out, we were caught red-handed by some dude in the kitchen. He did not appear to care at all that we just broke into his house. We chatted for awhile, and about 7 or 8 more guys started filing in. The place was a trash-hole, and I recall Emily scolding them and telling them to “clean this place up”. Ha.

Also, the guys asked us how long ago we lived there, and Emily said 5 years. I didn’t have the heart to tell her it’s actually been 7 years. Ouch.

Anyway, as evidence of our adventure, check out the before and after pictures. “Before” being when we lived there in 2002-2003. “After” being this past Saturday.

Ultimately, the Badgers won with a last minute goal, and it was a great day for Badger hockey.


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Happy Holidays!

From our family to yours.

And no, Max is not that gigantic.  He’s only 12 pounds!  He is just not very photogenic.

Don’t you judge him.

I am happy today, because of this.

Credit: AP

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View From The Top

On Saturday, Matt and I went to Madison to watch the Badgers beat Fresno State from way up top.

camp randall

I have even marked our location for you in this picture.

Tonight, we are watching the Packers like this.

Yes, in case you didn’t notice, that’s still our old 1985 27″ RCA tube television perched atop our entertainment center. It’s been an agonizing 10 days.

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We’re off to Madison today to see some of this

And Indy will get to do this

indy & nala

Have a fun weekend everyone!

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I just finished Day 13 of the 30-day shred (yeah, so I am a few days behind).  I did 10 days of Level 1 and am on my 3rd day of Level 2.  I have to say that Level 2 is really kicking my ass.  Apparently all those years doing marching band really messed up my knees. Can’t imagine why.

But, I also am happy to report that I feel less apprehensive about wearing a bikini in THREE DAYS. So that’s a plus. This really is a great workout. I feel much more toned. How many other people can say that after only 13 days of working out? How is everyone else doing with the workout? I know you’re out there people.

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1) I’m wearing ugly, uncomfortable shoes today. I am wearing a cute little dress with black tights, but I forgot to pack my normal shoes in my bus bag this morning. Fortunately, I have some back-up shoes at my desk for such an occasion (because I think the Firm gods would fire me for attempting to wear my hideous boots throughout the entire work day). Unfortunately, these shoes are horrible. There is a reason I use them as back-up. I am just holing up in my office as much as possible today so I don’t die of embarassment.

2) The Badgers lost last night. I eat my words. Apparently The Big Guy likes Stephen and wanted him to have a win on his birthday. The Badgers host Indiana next, and they usually do well in the Big 10 tourney, so I have no doubts they are “in” for the NCAA tourney.

3) I just got a Blackberry for work. It is confusing. It also now functions as my new cell phone, so if any of you didn’t get my mass email and want my number, let me know.

4) Is it Friday yet?

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