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I actually have no explanation. It’s truly just pure laziness.

We have been spending a lot of time on the Hog-Dog House lately. Mainly because we had a little mishap involving the water line that connects to our fridge. See, back in April sometime after our cruise, Matt decided to finally install the water line that connects to the ice maker on our new fridge (the old fridge didn’t have this – so he actually had to run a new water line from the basement – not just reconnecting). So Matt went to the store, got the kit that the employees recommended, and hooked ‘er up.

[At this point in the story, Matt would like me to point out that when the Sears guy came to install our water softener a few months ago, Matt asked if he could also install the water line. The guy declined and insisted it was very easy and Matt should just do it himself.]

Can you see where this is going??

Side-note: What is with handymen declining all my job offers? Seriously, guys? I will pay you!

About a month later (so, a few weeks ago), we woke up on a Monday morning to a flooded kitchen, which in turn had seeped through the floor and into the basement, thus flooding the basement as well. 

Fast forward to almost exactly 4 weeks later, and we are still trying to fix the problem.  But, it certainly could have been worse.   So we have that going for us.

Anyway, thanks for staying with me folks.  I will try to keep up.


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