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Oh, Hi!

Since I have nothing better to do (ahem, or nothing more interesting about my life), I am posting some pictures from our HAWS walk a few weekends ago.

And these aren’t even from the actual walk. This is just the walk to get to the walk.

Do you see us way back there?

Notice how I kind of appear to have those two beasts under control?

Things went downhill shortly thereafter.

I can’t help it. They just like to lead. This is also a picture of what we like to call Max’s “poodle pride”.

He thinks he’s taller. And stronger. And prettier.

And that’s okay.

And finally, look out! Wide load!

Actually, I just wanted to show you the one and only souvenir I picked up on our vacation this year (psst, it’s the t-shirt).

Hey, it was for a good cause. And just look at that sad, sad puppy face.

Yes, I am one of those people.


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They’re the same plant!

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