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Seriously.  If you are not watching this show, you should buy the DVDs when the series ends (in just a few months – sad!).  It is so beyond brilliant.

And the episode last night was one of the best ever.  In my opinion.

Your thoughts?


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This is Meerkat Manor

Before, Max as “Animal”

And after, Max as Meerkat

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Max and Indy got their hairs cut on Saturday.  Max has gone from being nicknamed “The Muppet” to “The Meerkat”.

Check back later for photographic proof.

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Random Thursday thought

Does anyone ever wish that work weeks were only Monday-Thursday?  I seriously get this thought every single Thursday.  Going to work every Friday is just brutal.

I remember thinking this in college too, and I would purposely not schedule any classes on Fridays. 

Why can’t the world just make this happen?

In other news, thanks to the power of the internet blog, my very own mother bought me a box of Girl Scout tagalong cookies last week.  And I already ate the whole box.  By myself. 

I seriously did, because Matt gave up chocolate for lent.  Sucker!

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