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Losing it.

When I was in high school, I borrowed my mom’s camera and then lost it at school the same day. Actually, I maintain that it was stolen. And I had some damn awesome pictures on there too.

When I was in college, I lost my school ID during week 2. I purchased a new one for $5.00. Approximately one day later, some random dude walked up to me outside of my dorm and said, “I found your ID”. Okay, stalker.

So, then I had 2 IDs. Over the next year, I lost both of them. I purchased another new ID sophomore year and lost it again. By then, they had upped the purchase price to $10.00. $10.00! That was my breaking point. I purchased my 5th ID and never lost it again. I still own it.

In fact, since that day approximately 8 years ago, I can’t think of a single thing that I lost.

(Okay, except for my awesome red hooded Wisconsin sweatshirt, but that was definitely stolen.)

And last weekend I lost my debit card. I hope this isn’t a bad sign.


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Cooking FAIL

I attempted to make a frozen cheese pizza for dinner last night.


I mean, how hard is it, right?

In my defense, our pizza pizzaz timer thingy broke. The timer was apparently working in ultra-slow motion, so it never “dinged”, but kept right on cooking.

This pizza was smokin’.

Either way, I FAIL.

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Oh, TV.

Our DVR is currently overloaded. I’ve had to resort to cancelling shows and either taping the reruns if possible or watching them online. It’s getting a little crazy. But it’s so worth it.

My current fall favorites are:

1. Bones. My favorite “Will they or won’t they?” couple. And as one of the Entertainment Weekly writers says it, David Boreanez (Agent Booth) has the best “I-love-you-so-much-it-actually-hurts” looks in the business.

2. The Office and 30 Rock. Enough said.

4. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This show is goofy and vulgar and hilarious. And you should be watching it.

5. How I Met Your Mother. Neil Patrick Harris is a genius.

What are your favorite fall shows? Any new shows you will be trying out? I am definitely going to check out Flash Forward.

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Some Driving Tips

Okay, I thought this driving rule was known to the entire American-driving-population, but I was wrong. I know this post isn’t really blog-worthy, but this is happening every single day, and it is getting mighty annoying.

Picture this scenario. A bus is driving along in the right lane, and he pulls over at the beginning of an intersection to let some people off or pick some people up. It doesn’t matter if the light is green or red, he has to pull over. This part, people seem to understand.

Now, if the bus is done with those people, and the light is still green, the bus will pull out and keep driving. Shocking, I know. He does not have to sit and wait for a red light. He just drops the people off, and goes on his merry way (assuming the light is still green).

So, here’s a little PSA for all you drivers out there. Do not attempt a right turn in front of a bus! Seriously. How do people not know this. Did we not learn this in Driver’s Ed? Can we not read the little sign on the back of every bus that says “Do Not Turn Right In Front of Bus”?

I’m not kidding people. This happens every day. And every day, I sit on the bus and look out the window and let out a little gasp every time the bus starts moving and this tiny little Corolla is trying to squeeze by with a right turn. Fools! Do they not know their lives are flashing before my eyes?!

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View From The Top

On Saturday, Matt and I went to Madison to watch the Badgers beat Fresno State from way up top.

camp randall

I have even marked our location for you in this picture.

Tonight, we are watching the Packers like this.

Yes, in case you didn’t notice, that’s still our old 1985 27″ RCA tube television perched atop our entertainment center. It’s been an agonizing 10 days.

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Random petty complaint of the day

You want to know what really gets my goat?

We occasionally have seminars with free lunches at my work.  And the lunches occasionally contain giant monster cookies of varying flavors.

So, I try not to hold up the line, and I grab my giant chocolate-chip cookie without really examining each and every cookie in extreme detail.  But when I do take a closer look – i.e. when I take a bite of said cookie – I realize that my tasty chocolate-chip cookie is not chocolate-chip at all.  It’s oatmeal raisin.  Honestly.  It’s enough to ruin my day.

This has happened to me more than once, people.

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So, this is what happened last night. We turned on the tv. And, BAM, the light bulb dies (we have a DLP). Luckily, we are still within our 4-year service plan and we get one free light bulb. Unfortunately, the service people can’t come out until Friday. And, they can only give us an 8-hour window for installation. I mean, 8 hours? Seriously? Yeah. We’ll be here from 8-5. Hokay.

So now our house looks like this. You didn’t think we would survive without a tv, did you?


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