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So Matt and I scored some free tickets to the Brewer game on Friday night through our awesome friend Chad. We were in the 18th row behind home plate. I am hesitant to share this with you because I’m now expecting about 82 emails asking for tickets.

This is the first time I’ve ever gotten tickets through Chad where we didn’t have to pay – he is just all kinds of awesome. But I don’t want to abuse the friendship or anything so that’s probably the last time we’ll ever go without paying.

We still had to pay for some things. Things like $10 to park on the street. We got to the parking attendant at approximately 6:55 for a 7:05 start time, and we had to pay $10 to park on the damn curb. Look, I even took a picture to prove it.


Anyway, we made it just in time for the first pitch.

Two rows in front of us, this guy walks in wearing a Cubs hat and a Derek Lee jersey. This was a Brewers vs. Reds game people. No Cubs allowed, right? So the people sitting next to us proceeded to harass this guy the entire game (and he deserved it). Mostly it was a lot of “Cubs suck” and “Derek Lee sucks”, but suddenly, at one of those quiet moments, one of the guys yelled “Derek Lee Eats Pandas”! It was hilarious. Even Buzz Williams was laughing.


Don’t know Buzz Williams? He’s Marquette’s basketball coach. Don’t worry, I got all stalkerish and snapped a picture of him for you. He’s the bald guy.

Anyway, Brewers won 3-2. And we got to see Trevor Time in all its glory. Which makes me happy.



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Okay, so it’s not quite finished. But I think it’s close enough. First up, the stairwell.
Remember how I told you that the previous owner appeared to just give up when she realized she couldn’t reach any higher? Yeah, this was the result.
stairwall before

After the hubs got over his fear of heights, he managed to get all the way up to the ceiling and repaint this entire thing white. Plain, basic white. So much better, no?
stairwell after

Moving on. Since we usually come into the house from the garage, this spot seemed ideal for a coat rack from Ikea. The wall here and in the hallway are the same color as the walls in the living room. I’m going for continuity here folks.
coat rack

Okay, on to the big reveal. First, let’s take a look back at the “before”. Collective shudder.


And now, the “after”! Woot!
Besides a few new coats of paint, we also unstacked the washer & dryer, added a few shelves, and took down that cabinet. We will eventually re-hang that cabinet in the same spot, but I am in the process of painting it white and adding some hardware to make it look better.

We wanted a countertop space on top of the washer & dryer so we could actually fold clothes there. So we bought a piece of plywood, painted it white and slapped on a coat of polyurethane for good measure. I also put some of those cabinet liners down underneath so they don’t scratch the washer & dryer. So far it’s working out great.

And my favorite part of this project is the sink skirt. Isn’t it cute? I probably could have sewed it myself, but Pattycakes can whip that up in about 1.8 seconds, so I asked her to do it. We used velcro to attach it to the sink.

laundry after

I have a few other ideas up my sleeve for some things to put on the shelves, but I’ll save those for another day.

I realize I’ve been talking about the laundry room way too much in the past few weeks. It is, after all, just a laundry room. But it was so worth it, don’t you think?

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Happy Memorial Day!

Matt and I had a busy weekend, as I’m sure you all did. Saturday we headed up to beautiful Kimberly, Wisconsin for a Deck Party extravaganza hosted by my good friend Emily.
The only requirement being “wear your deck shoes”.

And drink alot.

And play kickball.
before the fall

Today we walked over to the parade route in town and watched the Memorial Day parade and ceremonies. We even brought Indy, and he behaved.
For those of you following along, no Indy’s hair does not grow that freakishly fast. This is an old picture. I just wanted to throw it in there because he is kind of cute.

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Laundry Room Sneak Peek!

Okay, we’re not quite finished. We had a minor snafu involving polyurethane, so it’s holding up the process.  Here’s a tiny preview of the awesomeness to come.

laundry room

What is that? A plant?

A real, live plant?

Who wants to take bets on how long it will survive? Plants and I are not exactly BFF.

Also, in my haste to explain the “sawdust incident” the other day, I completely forgot that I took a picture of the madness.
matt being smart

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Did anyone see Steve Martin on American Idol last night?  I wasn’t thrilled with the two Idols take on the song, but I loved the song. Running off to iTunes to find it…

Edited to Add: I love Carrie Underwood. She’s so cute. She should be my friend. Just had to throw that out there.

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More specifically, how to feel the level of embarassment that reminds you what it was like to be a 12-year old.

Step 1:  Reach the age of 26.

Step 2:  Dress somewhat cute. Brush your hair. Return to your former middle school.

Step 3:  Enter gymnasium in front of hundreds of current middle schoolers and their parents.

Step 4:  Trip and fall.

If you have completed these 4 steps, congratulations!  Embarassment awaits you!

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The Night of Sawdust

So, last week our Freezer died. I called up our trusty appliance-repairman (shout out to Steve P!) and he came over that same day and told us it was shot and we should just buy a new one. Boo.

Luckily, our home-buying-stimulus-check was meant for just such an occasion. After consulting with my appliance-expert-friend-Sara, we headed over to Best Buy and purchased a beast of a French-door-refridgerator-freezer-on-the-bottom combo. Yeah, it’s that confusing.

Fast forward to Friday. I have the day off. Appliance-delivery-man shows up at 6:45 a.m. (ouch). The space is all cleared out. And guess what happens next? The fridge is too big for the space. Surprised?

Anyway, Matt decides the difference between the upper cupboard and the top of the Fridge isn’t too big, so we’ll just deal with it when we get back. So Matt, Indy and I hop into the car and drive to beautiful Hudson, Wisconsin to celebrate Stephen‘s graduation. And we celebrated in typical Wisconsin fashion. Beer, Brewers, Board Games and Bowling. Fun times were had by all.

Fast forward to last night. We drive 4.5 hours and arrive home around 7:00 p.m. or so.  Matt whips out the electric belt sander and immediately starts sanding the cupboard. No goggles. No sheet covering the kitchen counters, small appliances and other miscellaneous crap all over the kitchen. Still wearing his nice sweater and jeans. Within about 60 seconds, he realizes his mistake. And grabs the goggles.

I am monitoring the situation. And by monitoring, I mean watching in horror as all the sawdust slowly covers every surface in the house. Ever seen the movie Outbreak? Remember the scene in the movie theater when they show all the germs spreading through the air every time someone coughs? Yeah, it was just like that. Only with sawdust.

After at least 10 minutes of sanding, Matt decides this isn’t working. So he takes the cupboard off the wall, brings it into the garage, saws about an inch off the bottom of the cupboard, and hangs it back onto the wall. Viola! No sanding required! The fridge fits!

Matt: “What is all that orange stuff on the ceiling?”

Not a good night for me, my friends.

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