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Sneak Peek

This weekend Matt and I took a little road trip and picked up this table and chairs for $75.00 from someone on Craigslist. I have plans for this set. Grand plans. Not until I get back from vacation though.

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I want to go to there.

In just ONE week, we will be in beautiful Ft. Myers, Florida. This is the view from our balcony. You must be jealous.

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An Oshkosh fisherman refuses rescue from a Lake Winnebago ice slab because “the fish are biting.”  He had to use a ladder to get across the open water to this particular ice slab.  HA.  What an idiot.  I love it.  Find the story here.


Photo courtesy of The Oshkosh Northwestern

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Can someone please buy these for me?
Or this?
Oh, I am in vase heaven.

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Out of the loop

Apparently when all you do is watch basketball all weekend, you fail to realize that TWILIGHT came out on DVD. Frak.
Now that the Badgers are out of the tourney, I need some Edward Cullen to cheer me up.


Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair

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First Day of Spring!

True, it’s only 28 degrees here in Milwaukee, but I am in the spring mood anyway.  Here are a few Etsy finds to get you in the spirit.
Find these bowls here.


Find the vases here.

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